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Whether you were in a car accident or have received whiplash from another injury, it is no fun! We are committed to help you manage your pain and get you moving the way you used to as quick as possible.

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Chiropractic Care for Whiplash & Car Accidents

Whiplash is a term that describes injury to the neck that occurs as a result of a motor vehicle or car accident. The most common type of car accident is the rear impact, and most typically, the occupant in the vehicle that gets “rear-ended” (hit from behind) is at the greatest risk of injury. Recent research has helped clarify why occupants struck from behind experience more extensive injuries than those in other types of crashes. In fact, whiplash injuries can be quite complex and may include a variety of related problems, such as:
• Joint dysfunction Disc herniation
• Faulty movement patterns
• Chronic pain
• Neurological dysfunction (Headaches, ringing in the ears, visual disturbances, balance issues)

Neck pain chiropractic treatment winnipeg

Chiropractors and Whiplash

Chiropractors are specialists in treating non-surgical spine injuries and commonly treat whiplash injuries from car accidents. The job of the chiropractor in helping his or her patients overcome the pain and disability associated with whiplash is to:
• Diagnose the source of the pain
• Treat the most important dysfunctions
• Teach the patient to return to a more normal lifestyle

The process of rehabilitation requires a concerted effort between the chiropractor, the patient and any other professional assisting in the case. The likelihood of success is enhanced by a continued focus on restoring normal function.