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Work Related Injuries

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are the primary cause of work-related disability.

The prevalence of back pain and related costs has been increasing exponentially, and are expected to continue to increase. Unfortunately, musculoskeletal conditions affect everyone and are not industry specific. In fact, musculoskeletal conditions are the primary reason for claims among workers in most provinces across Canada.

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Sedentary work and sitting for extended periods have been linked to a number of health concerns, including the impact on musculoskeletal health. The impacts can be significant and contribute to greater risk of injury and pain, among others.

Notably, jobs in which employees sit for long periods cause back and neck pain. In fact, musculoskeletal conditions are more prevalent amongst sedentary workers accounting for one third of lost time.

In reality, jobs that require employees to sit for extended periods of time can put these individuals at risk for developing musculoskeletal conditions. Employees can, however, decrease the impact of sitting by:

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How Can Chiropractic Expertise Help My Injury?

Chiropractic is an accessible and effective treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, including low back pain, with reported high patient satisfaction. As spine, muscle and nervous system experts, chiropractors specialize in spinal care and are the preferred provider for the assessment, diagnosis and management of back pain, injuries and related conditions. As part of a comprehensive plan of management, chiropractors can provide advice and guidance on preventing work-related injuries that may include workplace ergonomics, stretches and exercises to keep employees healthy.

Reduce neck and low back pain: Conservative spinal adjustments and manual mobilization of joints as well as soft tissue therapy can help alleviate symptoms and, restore function as well as improve posture.

Ensure a faster return to work: Studies have demonstrated the patients under chiropractic care return to work faster. The multi-modal approach including adjustments, combined with an exercise/rehabilitation plan and lifestyle and occupational modifications has been shown to be effective in treating employees of various sectors.

Prevent reoccurrence: As musculoskeletal experts, chiropractors are trained to assess movement, function and occupational demands, including ergonomics, to create a better work environment to decrease the risks of developing musculoskeletal conditions. For example, chiropractors can advise you on an ergonomic chair, back supports and proper height to keep your vision on your work without hunching or straining your neck, as well as educating you on proper posture and how to keep your spine healthy.